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National Train-the-Trainer Institute: DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION That Works!

July 23 through July 26

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Training Institute Price

Training Institute Price:
$1,395.00 per person

Group Price:
$1,295.00 for groups of three or more

Fee includes Institute registration, professional BER DVD and a comprehensive resource handbook.

Registration Information To expedite your registration please have the following items ready:
  1. The brochure or email you recieved announcing the seminar (unless you found your seminar on our website)
  2. School or district contact information
  3. Payment information (Credit card or school/district PO)
Priority ID Code
Important! To expedite your registration, please enter your Priority ID Code from
your brochure or e-mail, even if it was not addressed to you. It is the six digit number
on the mail label next to the word

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If you do not have a Priority ID Code
please select one of the following options.

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Participant Information

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*Please enter your Postal Code without a space or dash.

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Purchase Order

Please Note: Some districts require that we receive a purchase order issued to you for
the function BEFORE you can be registered for the seminar. If this is required by your
district, please print a blank form, fill it out and fax it together with the purchase order.

Registration Form Submission
When you have completed the entry of all registrants,
click the "Submit Final Registration" button.